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The day’s arrived, you’ve packed your bags, waved off your nearest and dearest and now you’re on the way to the airport. You’ve got a great playlist, and you’re all settled in to chow down on some great food on your journey. But what snacks should you pack?

Don’t worry! I’ve done the legwork for you, and have selected a variety of Tesco’s finest food-to-go to review for you.

Graze protein bites

Marketed as delicious, banana flavour flapjacks with added protein to keep you feeling full for longer. In reality, they are tiny squares of disappointment which are like chewing cornflakes after someone forgot to clip the packet shut. I do feel quite full after managing to finish a lump of pure stodginess though, and my jaw has also had quite a workout


Ella’s fruit purée (raspberry)

What it says on the tin. Yummy raspberry and cherry goodness with none of the hassle of chewing. Delicious.



Tesco’s soy broad beans

These looked like an alternative to the Graze snack boxes of savouries. They aren’t bad, but I probably should have not been cheap and bought the Graze ones in the first place. Extreme dry mouth after these.


Green & Blacks 70% dark chocolate

I love dark chocolate. And this is the best one.


Having now eaten most of the food I packed 45 minutes into my journey- I’m going to slip into a food coma or at least try and take a nap. More Costa Rican snack reviews to follow. Watch this space!

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