Top 5 things to do in San Jose

My top 5 in San Jose

I’ve been in San Jose for the past few days- these are my favourite things I’ve done so far.

Pura Roca

It would be easy to walk past this little climbing wall tucked away in a row of shops- however definitely don’t! Although it’s small, it’s got really great technical problems on a variety of angles and a top-notch training area- complete with campus board, woody, gymnastics rings and a crack machine! The staff are all super friendly and helpful, and I had a few great sessions here. It’s really easy to find and is right on the main bus route through town. They also sell shoes, chalk, quickdraws and anything else you could have possibly forgotten.

Graffiti wall

Okay this is a little vague, but San José has a booming graffiti scene- every corner you turn you’ll bump into another technicolour masterpiece. A few of my favourites were on Calle 17 but there’s plenty more to be found- check out @costaricaenlapared on Instagram for a huge selection. Perfect for those holiday outfit snaps!



Craic Irish bar

Three words- DEEP. FRIED. OREOS. Hooooooly smokes these are the best things on the planet. Good Guinness, good music and a great atmosphere. As someone with a die hard sweet tooth maybe I’m a little biased, but I’d definitely come back here just for the snacks. They’re definitely not pretty, but don’t judge a book by its cover, right?


Jade Museum

Confession- I ended up in here as it started pouring with rain and I needed shelter pronto to stop my hair from frizzing. That being said, it was well worth the $15 I paid to get in. This place provides a window into pre-Columbian and Costa Rican culture through 5 levels and thousands of jade artefacts. The museum is beautifully designed and laid out, with plenty to keep you occupied for an hour or two. There’s lots of interesting information about the indigenous people of Costa Rica and the wildlife, interactive exhibits on every floor, and thorough English and Spanish descriptions.

Café Miel

A super cute cafe with a really charming exterior that drew me in from the street (check out the photo below to see how GORGEOUS it is) and the food did not disappoint. With my limited (actually- zero) knowledge of Spanish I pretty much just guessed and pointed at the menu, but when the milkshake below arrived I knew I hadn’t made a mistake. There are pretty much no words to describe how good this was. Strawberries, raspberries, bananas and a huuuuuge helping of whipped cream. 

I thought that would be a tough act to follow, but the burger that showed up shortly after nearly blew my mind. Great fries, garlic mayo, fully loaded with cheese- probably the best thing I’ve ever had in my mouth. And a steal at $15.


Of course, just the city itself is absolutely gorgeous. Here are a few of my other snaps from this week. Pura Vida!


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