Top 5 travel luxuries I can’t live without

Ok, so I got a fair amount of stick on my first blog post here for the fact that I was taking sooooo much stuff. I get it, it’s backpacking, I’m supposed to get dreadlocks and shower once a month and wear the same pair of shoes the whole trip. However when I was planning my Costa Rican adventure, I found this whole attitude frankly offputting, and it made me feel like I wasn’t cut out for the lifestyle and doubt how much I would actually enjoy it. However I’m here to tell you- you can enjoy your monthly trip to the hairdressers and go backpacking! You don’t have to leave your nightly cleansing routine at home! And don’t get me started on my straighteners, because there is no way in hell I was about to leave them in the UK. So here are my top 5 luxuries to take with you when you travel.

1. GHDs

Obviously these are number one on the list, seeing as I’ve had them since I was 14 and for longer than any relationship I’ve ever been in. If you want dependable, forget dating, you just need a good pair of straighteners. These are my go to for making myself look semi-presentable in an instant when in fact I’ve just rolled out of bed.

2. Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel

This stuff is a miracle worker- it got rid of all my chicken pox scarring from catching the disease in my teens, and I use it as the first step in my moisturising routine and it instantly makes me look like I’ve had a full nights sleep. Aloe Vera is also excellent for promoting healing, so I use it as after-sun lotion as it feels beautifully cooling on your skin.

3. Aussie Three Minute Miracle Hair Treatment

They call it a three minute miracle, but I actually use it as a leave in as it’s the only thing heavy-duty enough to fully hydrate my hair. Rub some through the ends before swimming in the sea for extra protection.

4. LUSH FOMO face mask

I talked about this in my last beauty blog post and I don’t even care. It’s a total life saver for my skin, hydrating and moisturising. And what better thing to do on an evening chilling in your hostel room than to have a wine and face mask night?

5. Yoga mat

My mum bought me the most beautiful yoga mat from Mallorca, and although I could have probably doubled up and just used my towel, it’s so much nicer to have this to use and feel like I’ve brought a piece of home or even just to throw over the bed I’m staying in to make it my own. 

I fully believe that if you have these with you, you can survive even the worst day of travelling. If a full-time bottle-blonde makeup-addict can do it, so can anyone.



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