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Top 5 travel luxuries I can’t live without

Ok, so I got a fair amount of stick on my first blog post here for the fact that I was taking sooooo much stuff. I get it, it’s backpacking, I’m supposed to get dreadlocks and shower once a month and wear the same pair of shoes the whole trip. However when I was planning my Costa Rican adventure, I...


How to take care of your hair while travelling

As someone who’s been bottle blonde more times than she can count and isn’t 100% sure what her natural hair colour actually is, I know the struggle that comes with trying to keep your locks long and luscious. It’s hard enough at home with an army of stylists and Boots at your fingertips, let alone when you’re on the road...


Best LUSH products for backpackers

I worked in LUSH as a Christmas temp and whenever this trip came up, people would rave about the products and how they were so useful for travelling. As a LUSH devotee there was no way I was going to leave my routine at home anyway, but what better chance to put all of it through its paces and see if it...